What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a series of dance and movement exercises to music, designed to give you an intense experience of the here and now – the present moment. We call it a VIVENCIA, or being ‘in vivencia’.

Biodanza proposes that modern humans live totally contrary to our biological setup. For most of human history we lived in small groups, as part of nature. Nowadays, we live separate from each other and separate from nature in an unreal ‘thinking universe’ where almost all our energies are devoted to the past or future – what we should have done or said, and what we are going to do or say! Our biological systems have not evolved as quickly as our cerebral cortex, our brain.

As our rational thinking mind has become dominant and controls our behaviour to an unprecedented degree, our instincts, feelings and emotions have been forced to take a back seat to the detriment of our overall health and well-being.

Biodanza aims to reunite us with our biology, our natural organic functions that have enabled us to survive for millions of years. By becoming ‘present’, by being ‘in the moment’ (in vivencia) our instincts, feelings and emotions have a chance to manifest and be expressed – from the heart and through the body. This is a welcome and much needed opportunity in this day and age, and the process, over time, produces some remarkable therapeutic effects.

Ideally, Biodanza should be practised regularly and consistently in a weekly class, with more in-depth weekend workshops several times a year.

People embarking on a programme of this nature can expect:

  • greater self-confidence and presence

  • freer and more enjoyable expression through the body (dance, sex, theatre)

  • more joy and happiness in life

  • deeper, more real connections with others, nature and oneself

  • healing of past traumas, wounds and hurts

  • experience of love – romantic, platonic and fraternal

  • to go beyond the ego to connect with all there is

  • to feel the body as a source of pleasure, rather than pain

  • enhanced sensitivity and sensuality

  • to find out what it is you like and want in life, and to go and get it

  • dissolve tensions and rigidities in the body and persona

  • to learn how to disengage from toxic relationships

  • to become more creative, expressive, open and alive

  • to discover the myriad blessings of human contact and caress