Biodanza Thailand

Biodanza & Transcendence with Phillipe Lenaif, Thailand, Jan 2019

Seven days to chill out in one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on Planet Earth. A week to dissolve your tensions, ease your stresses, commune with Nature, expand your state of consciousness and dive deep into the dance of surrender with acclaimed master teacher Philippe Lenaif (Bel). His unique shamanic background allied to his Biodanza understanding allows him to quickly and easily engender states of trance where “early trauma” healing can take place. Freed from old pains we are able to literally dance with the divine. No more doing. We become the dance. We are the Sacred dancing through us.

18 places MAX for those experienced in Biodanza only

Dates: 8th – 15th Jan 2019

Cost: £550/ €650 workshop, food & accommodation


The Workshop

In Biodanza, the word vivencia is understood by most, and we use a similar term PROTOVIVENCIA to refer to the very early experiences of life. Literally how you were brought into this world in your first few seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks of life. How were you received from the womb? With joyous, loving, caring touch in a nurturing environment or as part of the industrial production line of hospital protocol? How were you taken care of? How were you touched? How were you received? What were your early experiences of freedom of movement and exploration? Of safety and security? Of warmth and tenderness? Of containment? Like everyone, some good, some bad, as our culture tends not to be TOO interested in these sorts of things beyond the basics of material needs. Rolando Toro, however, viewed them as critically and vitally important experiences. Ones that set the whole tone of your life. He believed that without impeccable attention to the quality of the early moments and beyond, of the newborn, serious harm could be done by omission. A lack in any of these essential areas was likely to result in “early trauma”, and who hasn’t had the experience of that when we were young?!

The workshop in Thailand is one to repair this early trauma. To enter into heightened states of consciousness where we can re-experience some of those less than nurturing times, to feel the pain of the lack of love, the fear and frustration of helplessness and dependence and to allow the lack to be filled. To receive, to heal, to re-parent ourselves, if you will. To impart to the cellular memory that you are a intrinsically valuable human being fully welcome here on Earth.

The Retreat Centre

This cannot take place just like that. It can happen only under very special conditions. First, you need to relax. We all live in an insane way, too busy, racing around, endless lists of things to do, to achieve, to tick off, only to be replaced by more. We have chosen THE perfect place to deeply, deeply relax,  Om Waters is literally a floating platform, on a lake, in a Thai National Park. There is a small amount of solar power. No phone signal or internet.

It is an awesome setting. Truly inspirational and the best place I know of (and I know a few…) for the homecoming to feel part of the environment again. No more separation.

Below are some videos for you to get a feel of the place…

Om Waters from Peter Heuvelman on Vimeo.

Biodanza at Om Waters:

The Dance of Life: Biodanza with Niraj from Katy Bullen on Vimeo.

The Facilitator

The next factor to achieve cellular memory repair is trust in and skill of the facilitator. And here we are blessed with the best again! Philippe Lenaif, Director of the School of Soignes, Belgium and world famous shamanic initiator and practitioner has the experience and know how to induce trance in people, perhaps like no other, certainly in the Biodanza world. It is this state that is the key. Out of it, much remains out of reach, but in it, truly and deeply surrendered to the mystery, to transcend our day to day consciousness and return from whence we came, cosmic unity, then miracles can happen. Healing can commence. Transformation can begin.

When we can go back and repair this early trauma we can free ourselves from a tremendous burden that can give us the feeling of safety and security to truly dance with the divine. A lightness appears where before there was heaviness. A new sense of freedom emerges and we can dance the line of Transcendence like we never have before. 

Website: – Translated to English Click Here 

Cost: £550/ €650 workshop, food & accommodation

Dates: 8th – 15th Jan 2019

18 Places Max!