New School Cycle 2017

Dorset School of Biodanza


Dates: 19 – 21 May 2017

Venue: Osho Leela, UK /

Teacher: Niraj & Julia Hope Brightwell

The 4th cycle of this in-depth study of Professor Rolando Toro’s creation begins this autumn.

Why not join us?

It’s an opportunity to open up to more love contact, connection, freedom of movement, friendship, self expression and joy. In fact, the list of positive benefits is almost unlimited, ask anyone who’s done it!

It is the only residential school in the UK and offers a much deeper bonding experience and allows fuller immersion into the work as a consequence.

For questions about Biodanza Training, please contact me Niraj firstly, for more information or if you don’t hear back straight away you can contact the school administrator Kate Grafton via email or through the Dance Biodanza Facebook Page 🙂

Bookings for School weekends via / 01747 821 221

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