Welcome to the Dorset School of Biodanza

Whether you are interested in training to become a Biodanza teacher or just want to experience the richness that is Biodanza, you are welcome to our school weekends.

Join us and immerse yourself in the dance of life. Bring joy, expansiveness and expression to centre stage of your existence! Open to the love, tenderness, affection, nurture and nourishment available from intimate human interaction on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Biodanza is an opportunity to express and fulfill your potential in the areas of Vitality, Creativity, Sexuality, Affectivity and Transcendence. Journey towards health, happiness and pleasure in being alive and towards fundamental well-being.

We are pleased to announce that the 4th cycle of the Dorset School of Biodanza Teacher Training will begin 19th -21st May 2017. Come and explore!

Teacher Training

The school of Biodanza is primarily, but not exclusively, for training Biodanza professionals. There are 28 school weekends over three years, all containing the usual yumminess and juiciness of warmth, love, expression and connection you are used to with Biodanza. We also cover the theoretical model and the biological and psychological effects of the technique – the scientific framework upon which Biodanza hangs. As the training is based in the practice of ‘doing’ Biodanza, many people who are not intending to teach also attend the school weekends simply to enjoy more Biodanza and to deepen their experience of it.

Some of these people, myself included, decide somewhere down the line that they would like to use the qualification. I have friends who have been going for ten years or more and choose not to teach. Therefore, attendees are under no obligation to become teachers.

Having said that, I cannot recommend the training highly enough. For me, personally, it alleviated the pain and suffering of being an estate agent in London Docklands for 8 years, and eventually opened the door to dropping that way of life completely. The school will not only teach you how to lead classes, earn extra money and possibly make a living, but will also teach you how to lead a life. That is the greater purpose of Biodanza, a re-education and re-connection to the essential and the good in life. All training courses worth their salt attempt to extend their influence beyond the classroom into the ‘real’ world, and this one is no exception.

A man receiving a teaching certificate

Mila receiving his Teaching Certificate


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For questions about Biodanza Teacher Training please contact Niraj biodanzaniraj@gmail.com 

Bookings for School weekends via info@osholeela.co.uk / 01747 821 221

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