The Syllabus

Dorset School of Biodanza Syllabus

The programme consists of the following over approximately 3 years:

  • 28 School Weekends taught by the Director of the Dorset School of Biodanza and invited international didactic teachers

  • Attendance of (at least) one Regional Encounter or World Congress

  • 1 Minotaur Project (A workshop based on the Greek-Roman myth of the Minotaur. Participants are guided to connect with their original instincts and face their fears.)

  • Participation in a weekly Biodanza group throughout the training

  • Facilitating a minimum of 8 Biodanza classes under supervision during the third year

  • A “one-on-one” session per year for individual feedback

  • Presentation of a thesis (Monography) at the end of the training, agreed by the Director, summarising the theory and focusing on a topic of interest to you

Criteria for Admission

  • A minimum of 50 hours (20 classes) of Biodanza experience

  • Be part of a regular Biodanza group

  • A personal interview with the Director of the School

  • Payment of School registration fees of £50 per year

Rights of IBF Certified Biodanza Teachers

  • Use of the name Biodanza – Rolando Toro System and its logo

  • Teach Biodanza classes anywhere in the world

  • Teach Biodanza classes and workshops in private and public institutions

Topics of the Programme

  • Defining Biodanza and the Theoretical Model

  • The “Vital Unconscious” and the Biocentric Principle

  • The “Vivencia”

  • Biological Aspects of Biodanza

  • Physiological Aspects of Biodanza

  • Psychological Aspects of Biodanza

  • Mythical and Philosophical Aspects of Biodanza

  • Identity and Integration

  • Trance and Regression

  • Contact and Caresses

  • Human Movement

  • Vitality

  • Sexuality

  • Creativity

  • Affectivity

  • Transcendence

  • Mechanisms of Action

  •  Biodanza Applications and Extensions

  • Ars Magna – Biodanza as a Healing Art

  • Methodology I: Musical Semantics

  • Methodology II: The Biodanza Session I

  • Methodology III: The Biodanza Session II

  • Methodology IV: The Biodanza Session III

  • Methodology V: The Biodanza Group

  • Methodology VI: Individual Evaluation in Biodanza

  • Methodology VII: The official list of exercises, instructions and music of Biodanza

For questions about Biodanza Training please contact Niraj