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Dorset School of Biodanza @ Osho Leela 

There are other schools of Biodanza in the UK, so why should you choose this one? 

Well, there are several things on offer here that, as far as I am aware, are not available anywhere else:


  • Our weekends start on Friday evening after dinner with a full two hour vivencia to integrate the group and really arrive. This session will later be used for you to gain your first experience of teaching practice.
  • And because we have the centre for the whole weekend, there will always be five full vivencias. We will not be asked to leave by any irate janitor because the time we have rented the hall has expired!
  • The residential nature of the School weekends serves to unite the group more closely and create a bonding experience which would otherwise be fractured when everyone goes home for the night and comes back the next day.
  • Reliable start and finish times and adherence to that schedule. No more Biodanza time!
  • Fresh, clean country air. No noise pollution and extensive grounds of beautiful nature, which will often permit outdoor vivencias.
  • Saturday night entertainment option. Some weekends will be shared with other compatible groups, so there will be chance to mix with other people in a convivial atmosphere, at the bar or on the dance floor. And we can always entertain ourselves with the intra group talent!
  • The opportunity to avail yourselves of a treatment from the Healing Centre in the breaks. Massage, Shiatsu and more often available.
  • Use of sauna (when available).
  • Healthy, sumptuous, vegetarian meals. No fast food temptations right next door.
  • The Buddha field that is Osho Leela. Years of setting a tone for opening, growth and development, literally in the air around you.
  • The backup support of a dedicated community of open, loving people.

For a tour around Osho Leela, click here!


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