Biodanza; The Power Of Yin with Philippe Lenaif, April 2015

Biodanza: The Power Of Yin

Dates: April 22nd -26th

Venue: Osho Leela, UK /

Presented by the Dorset and London Schools of Biodanza
with Philippe Lenaif, Director of the Biodanza School of Soignies, Belgium.

‘To create change in life, to live a human transformation in depth, one needs Yang to launch the project and to be determined to go through with it till the end. But upon arrival at the destination, one needs Yin to accommodate everything that is arising from one’s own history and to dissolve it in favour of a long awaited new found freedom from old patterning.

However, this last step often results in an unconscious refusal, since the necessary Yin is sorely lacking, accustomed as we are to a Yang lifestyle and culture in our Western world, the Master of Yang. Therefore, we fail in our project, ignoring almost all of the omnipotence of Yin because un-consciously it scares us and thus escapes us. The majority of psychotherapies are Yang, much of our programming and education is Yang.

It is so ingrained in us that very often what many take for Yin is none other than subtle or soft Yang. These four days are an opportunity to learn, to experiment with and to restore the power of Yin and with it, heal deep sexual and emotional traumas in order to give relationships a dimension of which all may have dreamed, but few ever achieve in everyday life.’

This workshop is a direct continuation of The Heart of Transformation (HOT). It is not a prerequisite to have done the HOT but it gives a very solid base and framework from which to appreciate and access Philippe’s considerable work of genius.

Qualifying criteria

2 years minimum weekly class participation.

Maximum 50 places.


£390 inc food and dormitory accommodation or camping.

Private rooms available from £20-35 per night additional.


Dorset School and friends plus oversees/foreign bookings via

Niraj (Mike) Skilbeck or

+44 (0)7720 446648

Payment info: 

Cheques payable to M. Skilbeck Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE

or bank transfer to Barclays 20-26-46 10033464

You may pay by installments, either £90 in December then £100 a month from Jan, or 3 payments of £130 from January.

Information for payments from continental Europe

Account holder: Mr M. A. Skilbeck
Swift: BARCGB210DF
IBAN: GB94 BARC 2026 4610 0334 64
Barclays Bank
Hertsmere House
London E14 4AA
Please use your name as reference, followed by POY.
Please note, all bookings and payments MUST be complete by the end of March, as I will be uncontactable in the Peruvian Amazon the first two weeks of April till 17th.

More about Philipe Lenaif

Click here for Philipe Lenaif’s homepage translated through google…



London School and friends via Pip Kennan


Biodanza: Sense and Sensuality

Sense and Sensuality

Dates: 25 July 2014  – 27 July 2014 

Venue: Osho Leela

with Niraj

A non-school weekend for lovers of tactile stimulation and sensate
pleasure to warm up for the Conscious Sexuality Festival two days
later. Receive a healthy dose of nourishment, contact and caress in the
best Biodanza style.

Cost: £185.00 / Camping, Food included.
Early Bird rate: £ 175.00 if paid 7 days in advance 

£ 170.00 / School & ABTUK Members, camping price.
Early Bird rate: £ 160.00 if paid 7 days in advance

For details visit Dorset School of Biodanza or contact me.

Bookings via Osho Leela’s website or phone 01747 821 221



Biodanza for Brothers

I am preparing to begin a new project working with just men, called Biodanza for Brothers. It will be a series of workshops starting in Holland and later coming to the UK. I am really looking forward to this work as my own experience of it has been so powerful and the need for it so pressing and obvious.

Castrated from our feelings from an early age we start to distrust any display of emotion (beyond a very narrow range) in front of our brothers. In fact, they don’t much feel like brothers because there is so much protection and competition and “banter” in the way. I look at the role of father in our society and see pathetic example after pathetic example on display. How was/is your relationship with your father? You are lucky to find more than a handful from all the people you know who can joyfully admit to ease and positivity. I’m not blaming dads. They are not given any tools with which to do the job better. They (we) are innocent victims of a society structured around “holding it all in” and not showing the inevitable vulnerabilities, pains, sufferings, sensitivities that come as part and parcel of being a living human being. This forced shutting down of male expression (it happens to women too but to a slightly lesser extent) leads to massive internal stress, alienation, dis-ease and a monotonous surface interaction in much of men’s relating that urgently needs to change.

In the Biodanza vivencias we visit some of those places we don’t have permission for in our daily lives. We make space to feel. To express. To connect. As brothers. It is potent work and I could go on and on I am that passionate about it, but here is not the place. Guys, anyone interested in joining me in this exploration of brotherhood and comradeship can contact me now.