What I Did on My Spring Holidays

I’ve had a great last three months of my Biodanza (and real!) life, as the clock ticks down towards my 17th year of involvement with this wonderful work (I started in July 1997!)

I’ve returned somewhat to being a student again. Or at least a participant. I managed to attend three day events in Israel and Amsterdam, four days in Norway and a six day training in Belgium, all with experienced facilitators who taught me a lot and inspired me even more!

I’m so psyched with where I am with Biodanza at the moment. I’m loving it! Loving it’s endless depth. I got so much from Sergio Cruz’s four days in Oslo on the subject of music. Amazing, and I’m hungry to learn more. I can feel how much I’ve come on as a teacher, but I also know how much more unrealised potential there is in me available to be tapped. I’d love to go back and do the whole training again, but I simply don’t have the time. I’m certainly going to refresh my knowledge of the school weekends I know least about, by doing those subjects elsewhere before I need to deliver them myself in my school.

I find it great to be so enthusiastic and motivated to give more and become an even better teacher than I am now, even after 16 years in the Biodanza game! I feel fresh and eager to engage once more on a third school training cycle in the autumn and to welcome many more new faces in September to join the solid group continuing on from the second cycle.

Long live Biodanza!

Welcome to My New Site!

Have a good look round. It’s awesome! Good looking and cutting edge too…Try it on your mobile and rotate away…it’ll keep right up with you…usually! We’d love to hear your feedback. It’s not quite the finished article, but more than good enough to go live. Robin has done a fantastic job and put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. Congratulations Robin, and well done!

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