Festival 2018

Four days of vivencias, entertainment & relaxation at the prince of venues, Osho Leela.

Join the UK’s biggest, most successful ongoing Biodanza event in the heart of the British countryside. 4 days of dance, friendship, relaxation and laughter hosted at the glorious Osho Leela retreat centre in Dorset, England.

Another new slot for our fantastic festival, which seems to somehow get better year after year!

This time it is mid-June, the height of summer (sometimes!) and the lightest nights! We shall follow our tried and tested successful formula of long, deep but well spaced vivencias twice a day with light entertainment or relaxation in the evenings. You will be superbly nourished by the Osho Leela kitchen (and Coffee Shop) and by the stupendous grounds of fruit orchards and wild flower meadows. I shall hand pick some of my most talented colleagues to create an outstanding programme for you to dive into intimacy and communion with friends old and new. Come once again and celebrate the dance of life in style at the best and longest running event of its kind!

There are 3 simultaneous vivencias to choose from morning and afternoon with the evenings reserved for chilling, entertainment and dancing. With around 150 people expected, this is an event where you can meet everyone and still find space for yourself in the beautiful 30hectare grounds. Superbly run and organised, affordable and with top teaching talent, this is a festival not to be missed!

Unplugged Event: This Biodanza Festival is an Unplugged Event, meaning the “business-as-usual” model of phone/Internet use does NOT apply. Use of devices during the festival is not permitted in public areas. If you absolutely cannot leave it alone, you may do so in the privacy of your own room or tent, but if sharing a Dorm please ask first if anybody minds. Better by far to plan for a 4 day digital detox. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Dates: 13th – 17th June 2018

Cost:  £212 camping, £240 dormitory. Private rooms available upon booking, Details of private accommodation can be found here

Save £10 with early-bird bookings!

Venue: Osho Leela, UK /


Niraj (UK)
Guy Barrington (UK)
Jewell (UK)
Milarepa (UK
Lit Ezifuela (UK)
Richard Golsworthy (Scotland)
Lenny Lencina (Spain)
Rachely Turtz (Israel)

Bookings via Osho Leela Website Click Here

Email info@osholeela.co.uk or phone 01747 821 221

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