Biodanza School – Module 2: The Vital Unconscious and the Biocentric Principle

Two key foundation stones of the Biodanza theoretical model are examined in this module. The Vital Unconscious, or life force, is investigated and danced, as is the revolutionary concept of organising everything, politics, institutions, systems, economics, society… EVERYTHING around life. To sustain, support and enhance life should be the primary goal of civilisation. Join the revolution!

This is the second module of the new School Cycle. In this weekend we look at Rolando Toro’s theory of life and how the universe is alive with intent to create order, rather than the common view of chaos and entropy. We also examine his proposition that Life should be the central pillar of everything, as opposed to the anti-life forces that seem to run the NHS, government, business, science – all our institutions and ways of inter-relating, in fact. Were this to happen, perhaps then we would see the urgently needed radical shift in the direction our society is taking.

Why not join us?

It’s an opportunity to open up to more love contact, connection, freedom of movement, friendship, self expression and joy. In fact, the list of positive benefits is almost unlimited, ask anyone who’s done it!

It is the only residential school in the UK and offers a much deeper bonding experience and allows fuller immersion into the work as a consequence.

For questions about Biodanza Training, please contact me, Niraj, for more information


Non Members (Dormitory Accommodation and all meals) * £245.00 (GBP)  

School Members (Dormitory Accommodation and all meals) * £220.00 (GBP)  

* Save £10 when booked 7 days in advance

Repeater Price £150.00

Bookings for School weekends via / 01747 821 221 or online: Click Here To Register

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