Alternative Events

 5th Delhi Festival of Tantra, Music and Dance India Nov 2018

Offering Biodanza

International Tantra Festival 2018 in India – the birthplace of Tantra! 19th -24th November 2018, New Delhi

A full line up of tantra workshops more that will create a guided experience deeper into Tantra. We aim to provide a really held space that allows for vulnerability and authentic transformation as well as a lot of fun and pleasure.



Nataraj Spiritual Dance Festival 29 Dec – 3 Jan, India

Biodanza, 5Rhythms, Contact Improv, Bollywood….you name it, we’ve got it! It’s a dancers heaven! A great blend of Conscious Dance forms and more traditional step dances that give you the opportunity to explore your whole repertoire of dance expression with like minded people. There’s a cacao ceremony on New Year’s Eve to let go of the old and welcome in the new, as tradition demands, and you will get a chance to strut your stuff on the stage in the final night Cabaret! Don’t miss this magical conclusion to 2018 and start 2019 as you mean to go on…. ON THE DANCEFLOOR!!


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Baltic Tantra Festival 2019


2nd Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia gathers hundreds of people from all over the World to join 4 days of Meditation, Dance and Celebration May 30-June 2, 2019.

Guided by 25 world-renowned Tantra teachers you will go through the 4 main themes dedicated to each day:





Tantra regards Sexuality, Love and Meditation as various manifestations of our life energy. During the Festival you will experience the vertical reality – raising the sexual energy to the level of the heart, where it transforms into the energy of love and then rises even higher and becomes Meditation. When all three aspects are in harmony, we can celebrate our life!

The international team of musicians, artists and dancers will be part of the Festival. They will create ecstatic space for celebration, tantric rituals and the Temple of Love.

Healing Team with highly professional healers and masseuses will offer individual sessions – massages, readings, healings and Tantric sauna.

The Festival will be held in a stunning setting of Latvian countryside surrounded by fields and apple orchards that will most likely be in full bloom.
Fully vegetarian food made from local products will be provided by high-class chefs and in addition, Tea House and Smoothie bar will give you a chance to fulfill your deepest desires.

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Come and be part of this magical experience!