Alternative Events


2nd Tantra Essence Festival June 2018

I will be the host/MC and offering Biodanza. (include code for referrals. Niraj) 

 17th – 23rd June, 2018 Corfu Buddha Hall, Greece

A world-class team of Tantra Teachers will guide you into exploring your senses, awakening their fullest potential. Musicians and Dance Teachers inspire you to celebrate Life through song and dance. An array of Healers support you on your personal journey into more harmony and happiness. Come for a fun, transformative, sexy, loving and spiritually ecstatic celebration of life. Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.


Art of Being Festival July 2018

I will be the host/MC and offering Biodanza



There is ordinary presence, the state in which normal healthy people usually live daily life. And there is extraordinary presence, when we are so totally in the here and now that we are alive to “all that I am and all that is”. In this state we become the wide-awake celebration of our whole being. We experience the magic and mystery in existence and we relate with other people with warm-hearted openness. Being so totally here-now we find ourselves not only fully connected and in love with life; we are touched by the boundless – the eternal to which we all belong. We discover the wonder of living HERE-NOW AND FOREVER. This is the essence of our 2018 festival.

Come join us on our bon voyage!

Alan Lowen
The Patron, Founder and Spiritual Father of the Art of Being Festival


High on Life Tantra Festival July 2018

I will be the host/MC and offering Biodanza

Tantra Festival in Estonia 17th – 22th July 2018

This is going to be the most beautiful and heart opening event of the summer – during 6 days number of workshops and healing sessions will be offered so you can discover and be transformed by Tantra in a safe environment with Love, Spontaneity and Freedom! And all this in the Nordic summer, filled with wild nature, warm sun and long white nights.


1st Biodanza Festival Czech Republic July 2018

I will be the host/MC and offering Biodanza

Festival values
LOVE – we are kind to each other, to others and to life.
SHARING – we share the color of life together.
SOUND – we all go our own way, but we are on the same boat and travel together.
REALITY – just to be a human being, just to be yourself.
POVERTY – we can enjoy life with ease and playfulness.

25-29th July 2018, Czech Republic


Osho Leela Sexuality Festival July/Aug 2018

Co-host and Biodanza 


31st July -11th Aug, Osho Leela, Dorset UK

This festival is a great opportunity for you to develop more awareness of who you are as a sensual and sexual being. There will be a choice of daily sessions and meditations, plus morning Yoga, one-to-one sessions, the Love Lounge, yurt sauna and more goodies. Give yourself five days of Heaven on Earth!



European Biodanza Congress October 2018

A collaborative project from all Spanish Schools united to create a space for encounter, exchange and communication where we could address together the challenges of the future development of Biodanza in Europe, and an excellent base to foster cooperation networks, according to the times we are living.
The motto we chose for the Congress, “Paradise is now”, is inspired by the commitment to realize the biocentric principle in everyday life, as Rolando Toro dreamed.

11-14th Oct Seville, Spain.



 4th Ibiza Tantra Festival October 2018

I will be the MC

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Ibiza awaits you from 22 to 28 October 2018

An exciting immersion into Tantra under the guidance of some of the world’s top tantra teachers. A wide variety of workshops, blissful meditationsyogadance sessions, encounters and nights of utterly enjoyable happenings



 5th Delhi Festival of Tantra, Music and Dance India Nov 2018

Offering Biodanza

International Tantra Festival 2018 in India – the birthplace of Tantra! 19th -24th November 2018, New Delhi

A full line up of tantra workshops more that will create a guided experience deeper into Tantra. We aim to provide a really held space that allows for vulnerability and authentic transformation as well as a lot of fun and pleasure.