What is a class like?

A class typically lasts about two hours and is usually performed barefoot (not obligatory) and in comfortable clothing.

Dance BiodanzaThe teacher leads the group by explaining and demonstrating the exercises in sequence, with the group then following suit. There are no steps or routines to learn in Biodanza – quite the opposite. All the movements should come from your interiority, from how you FEEL the music – a unique expression of yourself, so it is impossible to ‘get it wrong’.


In order to facilitate the work with the ancient brain, there is no talking during the class. Talking stimulates the intellectual function, which we do not work with in Biodanza. There are plenty of therapies available that do work with that, but we don’t.

The exercises fall into three categories:

  • Individual, performed alone, but at the same time as everyone else in the group (many of these exercises are with eyes closed).

  • Together with one other person (dances in pairs), often changing partners during an exercise several times.

  • Altogether as one group (tribal exercises).

Thus we gain practice in connecting with ourselves, with another, and the group. It is from this dynamic that all the benefits and healing derive.