What are the benefits?

Biodanza promotes health and well-being, joy and relaxation, pleasure and contentment.

The aim of the creator of the Biodanza system, Professor Rolando Toro Areneda, is to “have the whole world dancing”.


On a smaller scale, a class of Biodanza aims to integrate, harmonise and balance the mind/body/spirit triptych within the individual. How many of us think one thing, feel another and do a third, entirely different, thing? Biodanza helps us become more coherent.


A Biodanza class also serves to integrate the participants with each other, so we get a feeling of belonging, connection and being part of a group. For many, this is the big pay off, the addictive part of Biodanza! The linking and connection available through movement, gentle touch and eye contact (no words are used in Biodanza), is nothing short of miraculous. The great existential loneliness of our time, where people feel isolated and separate despite living in close proximity to thousands or even millions, can begin to be healed here.


Biodanza group dancing outsideBiodanza also aims to promote a link to the cosmos, the universe, the totality – to transcend the mind and ego, and experience the fact of being a small part of everything there is, not a separate, more important entity.


 How Does It Work? …