I should just like to formally thank you for a wonderfully happy weekend and for introducing me to Biodanza and its manifest benefits. Not being very gregarious, working alone and living a somewhat isolated and lonely existence it was really good to be with a group of such supportive and uncritical people from obviously diverse backgrounds.

Thanks also for the introduction to Osho Leela, a true paradise in the Dorset countryside.


Just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing experience at the weekend. Having only done one workshop before I had no idea it was going to be such a deep experience emotionally. Would lone to do more….I really feel this could become a big part of my life. the last couple of years have been a real healing journey for me with some huge changes…Osho Leela and Biodanza have become part of that journey…..Thank you for helping me to sparkle again!


What a truly beautiful weekend. I had not really noticed until I came home just how much my energy field had changed. I feel about ten feet tall, very strong and confident and in such an amazing space.

I am still so aware in my minds eye of everyone in our group, I can look into their eyes and feel everyone’s love and support, it is like we are one, the miles have not seperated us. We all have such a strong connection.


Just wanted to tell you how amazing you made this week end for all of us. I can still see in my head the faces, and eyes of all the beautiful people we were with, and all the love and support we got from everyone. I can still feel the love here inside and still feel like we are all one. I hope I can hang on to this precious gift you have given us. It was such a wonderful experience both with the Biodanza group and with the rest of the community. I feel truly blessed.


I just wanted to share with you how bowled over I am by Biodanza. It is much more wonderful and profound than I at first realised.

Last night I had the experience of feeling like I had made love with someone I had never met before and without it being anything to do with ‘sex’. This is wonderful to me, as it opens up possibilities of intimacy with many people that I hadn’t realised before and I am touched that this person was willing to go so deep. I also had a similar experience with a woman last week!

I am excited because I feel like a door has opened in me of willingness to be intimate with the whole of life and everyone in it. And Biodanza is a great place to practise this. So I will definitely be doing more of it and trying to get my friends into it too, as I would like everyone to experience what Biodanza has to offer.

My realisation of the intimacy that is possible with even complete strangers means for me that I no longer ‘need’ ‘a relationship’ or lovers because I realise that it is just intimacy that I love and I can experience that with many many people. This is wonderful and very liberating. I am very excited about Biodanza.


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