How does it work?

Biodanza works by bypassing the more recent logical part of the brain (the neo-cortex), and engaging instead with the ancient reptilian brain (the amygdala) which is responsible for our emotions. Music is the medium which stimulates this area. The vivencia (an intensely experienced present moment) causes all sorts of beneficial chemical processes to come into effect: dopamine and serotonin production, rejuvenation and recuperation of organic function, stimulation of neurotransmitters, etc – which rest, relax and revitalise the body in a natural, healthy and progressive way.

Biodanza also works extensively with human contact and caress – touch. This vital, and often missing ingredient in many lives, serves the exact same function. It causes extensive “good things” to happen to our bodies, regardless of what the mind thinks about it!

Biodanza group dancing outsideBiodanza postulates that all human behaviour falls into one of five key areas of human expression: VITALITY, CREATIVITY, SEXUALITY, AFFECTIVITY and TRANSCENDENCE. We call these the ‘Five Lines of Vivencia’, and each class will stimulate all five – but will concentrate on one, two or three lines.