11th International Biodanza Festival with Niraj & Friends

After a one year absence, the biggest and best is back! 4 days of vivencias, entertainment and relaxation at the prince of venues, Osho Leela.

Join the UK’s biggest, most successful ongoing Biodanza event in the heart of the British countryside. 4 days of dance, friendship, relaxation and laughter hosted at the glorious Osho Leela retreat centre in Dorset, England.

There are 3 simultaneous vivencias to choose from morning and afternoon with the evenings reserved for chilling, entertainment and dancing. With around 150 people expected, this is an event where you can meet everyone and still find space for yourself in the beautiful 30hectare grounds. Superbly run and organised, affordable and with top teaching talent, this is a festival not to be missed!

Our headline act are the charismatic couple from Portugal Jose and Irene Neves, who wowed us in 2015! This year we have joining us for the first time Israel’s most successful teacher (with 2 weekly groups of over 50 participants each), Rachely Turtz. Returning after several year’s absence is the lovely Marjon Gescher from Holland. The equally lovely James Stevenson from Scotland will be back too, alongside local favourites and Dorset School graduates Milarepa and Jewell Hope-Brightwell. And, after many years of loyal support as participants, David and Helen (Chiyono) from Malta will be our dynamic teaching couple. Plus my good self, Niraj and one or two more to be confirmed.

The master musician and beautiful man, husband and father Praful will play a solo gig for us in the Marquee on Thursday 8th September.

Friday night we welcome the equally lovely Michelle Crozier for a Mantra singing chill-out concert.

Saturday will see a Biodanza-style Cacao Ceremony and Dance Party round off celebrations.

We welcome you back for one more late summer Love Fest! Enjoy! 

The Power of the Tribe 

Most western cultures are suffering from an ever increasing tendency to fracture into smaller and smaller units of existence and interaction. From tribes to extended families, then to nuclear families, and latterly more childless couples and individuals living alone. I remember throughout the 1970’s my mother’s side of the family, 4 pairs of aunts and uncles with a bakers dozen of cousins would meet up EVERY Sunday at my grandmother’s tiny house in a countryside village. How is this cultural institution doing in the 21st century? Largely gone.

More and more old people are put in “homes” and most families find it hard to so much as eat together round the same table amidst all the competition for attention from TV’s, phones, tablets, laptops and the ubiquitous internet.

But the tribe is the crucible of humanity. It’s where we were formed as a species, and how we lived for countless generations. It is a way of being coded into our DNA, an ancestral memory of interdependent living, intimate with each other, the land and nature. 

In our modern times we have lost the majority of those deep connections that gave us a sense of place and purpose, and we are infinitely the worse off for that. But there are occasions where we can turn back the hands of time and recreate that “lost world” of the tribe. The Biodanza tribe is global, and unites in its love of dance and of life. A coming together of the heart, a collective resurrection of that discarded currency of the instincts. A liberation into joy and celebration.

It is with this vision in mind that I invite you to the 11th incarnation of the International Biodanza Festival. To gather once again on the special land of Osho Leela and find a home from home, even for just a few days, amongst the community of dancers of life from across Europe and beyond.

Join us!

Dates: 6th – 10th September 2017

Cost:  £202 camping, £230 dormitory. Private rooms available upon booking, Details of private accommodation can be found here

Venue: Osho Leela, UK /

Teachers: Niraj and Friends / Jose and Irene Neves (Port), Rachely Turtz (Isr), Marjon Gescher (Hol), James Stevenson (Sco), Milarepa (UK), Jewell Hope-Brightwell (UK) and David and Helen (Chiyono) (Malta)

Bookings via Osho Leela’s website or phone 01747 821 221

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